(US Patent US2021/03571A1)

The module consists of a small chamber that can be mounted on to the SEM stage. The chamber can be opened and closed remotely. It allows loading air sensitive sample(s) in a glove box, sealing the enclosure and transportation to SEM/FIB without exposure to air. After performing SEM analysis, in situ experiments or FIB sample lift out, enclosure can be sealed in argon or vacuum for transporting back to the glove box for storage or transferring to stages for other types of experiments (X-ray, TEM etc). For example, a FIB lift out sample prepared using this module can be transferred to ZoNexus air-free transfer TEM holder for further analysis.


• Air-free (inert gas) or vacuum transfer from glove box to SEM/FIB and vice versa

• System consists of air-free transfer module, a touch screen controller, additional remote control for the glove box and accessories such as FIB grid holders.

• Low profile and small footprint design allows to tilt the module more than 52 degrees towards the ion beam column without interfering with SEM/FIB pole piece, probes and detectors

• Includes an elevator to raise the samples by 15 mm

• Customizable design for adding wiring for heating, temperature measurement, electrochemistry or biasing experiments