Conventional tomography holders use the microscope's goniometer for rotation. This approach results in a tilt series with missing wedge since typically TEM goniometers have a limit for alpha tilt, typically around 70 degrees. ZoNexus has designed a tomography holder with a built-in motor that allows 360 degrees rotation. This approach not only allows to obtain much higher resolution tomograms but also allows fast acquisition, especially when used along with direct electron detector



• 360 degree rotation

• Tomography holder can be rotated continuously. Alternatively, the holder can be rotated to a set angle and data can be collected using the goniometer and the microscope's tilt series acquisition software.

• Continuous rotation via high precision piezo-motor

• Detatchable tips, allowing transfer of samples prepared using FIB. Three types of tips are included: needle, half grid (for FIB samples) and 3.05 mm grid

• Custom configurations for the tip design and materials available.

• In situ version currently under development (Courtesy 2023 DOE SBIR Phase 1 Award)